Elementary Schools Fund Raising

Kafetos elementary school fundraising

When it comes to elementary school fundraising options it would be hard to beat KAFETOS’s Fundraising! We have built a great reputation by helping many middle school groups meet their fundraising goals. Our program has been designed to be complete, simple, and something you can easily implement, run, and profit from.

Elementary school fundraising is important for those groups looking to raise the money they need. It’s often the only thing that will help a middle school group or club be able to take the trip, get the items they need, or support program efforts. Whether it’s band, an art club, or something else, funds are needed, and we have the perfect way to help you raise them.

Who doesn’t love to drink coffee? The majority of adults do love coffee, making a coffee fundraiser and ideal options for your middle school fundraising option. Our fundraiser includes:

  • Our coffee is fresh roasted to order, dark, median or light, whole bean or ground. All coffee also comes in bags featuring your custom label.
  • The ability to quickly get started and not have to put out money. We do not have any minimum orders, monthly fees, or start-up fees. You can get started today without putting any money out.
  • Your own custom website where shoppers can place orders and pay for coffee that will be quickly shipped right to them, coming soon! This gives you the ability to offer your middle school fundraiser to those in your community, as well as their family members who may live afar.
  • Our coffee fundraiser gives you the ability to earn a high profit from selling a product that virtually sells itself. Plus, with having the ability to take online orders you can continue earning long after you have asked those near you to support your middle school fundraiser. We can help you meet your goals with our coffee fundraiser. Give us a call today to get started right away and be on your way to earning!

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  • All coffee is freshly roasted to order
  • Smoothies – simply add fruit to the vanilla mix!
  • Cocoa, Frappe, and Chai
  • Your custom logo on bags
  • K-Cups Available (coming soon)


  • No minimum fundraising orders
  • Free professional order forms
  • Easy online ordering system, fast delivery (coming soon)
  • Caters to all coffee drinkers, as well as non-coffee drinkers
  • Highly profitable product with big profits 
  • Repeat orders