High School Fundraising


Have a high school club you need to raise funds for? No problem! At Kafetos’s Fundraising we have a program that has been expertly tailored to meet your needs. And it’s been used as a high school fundraiser around.

The kafetos’s Fundraising opportunity has gained a great reputation as a way to effectively help high school fundraising efforts of all type. Whether you are trying to raise funds for your high school band, student council, prom, chess club, or any other type of group, this is an ideal fundraising idea for you.

Our high school fundraising opportunity has everything your group needs to succeed. With our coffee fundraiser you will get:

  • All the sales and marketing materials you need.
  • The ability to run your coffee fundraiser without having to worry about any type of fees. We do not have any start-up fees, monthly fees, or minimum orders. This gives you the flexibility to run your high school fundraiser stress-free and without having to come up with cash to get started.
  • Our coffee to sell that comes is fresh roasted to order.
  • A high school fundraiser that allows you to have a high profit margin so you can meet your fundraising goals. Plus, you have a product to sell that people love. Just think of all the folks you know who drink coffee!

High school fundraisers are important to helping your group or club raise money. Our coffee fundraiser has helped many and can help you, too. We have created an entire fundraising kit that you can quickly put into action and start earning money from. We have made high school fundraising simple, tasty, and profitable. Get started today!