The Coffee Gift Basket Is A Unique Gift For Anyone Who Loves Coffee

Coffee has changed over the years and is now available in so many different forms. We no longer have just decaf and regular to choose from. Coffee can be purchased as beans, powder, granuales, pods, sachets, and even fresh. Coffee is also available in many flavours and you can choose from espresso, cappucino, latte, Americano and many more.

There is so much variety that you could include in your coffee gift basket.

To Create Your Own Coffee Gift Basket

The following step by step instructions show you how to make your own coffee gift basket to really impress your friends and it does not cost too much either.

• Purchase a basket from any craft store

• Along with the basket you will also need to buy cellophane wrapping, colored tissue paper, ribbon, bow and items which make the coffee gift basket personal to the occasion. (for instance if it is a present for Easter you may want to consider buying a fury yellow chick or perhaps and Easter egg)

• Begin by lining your basket with the colored tissue paper.

• Arrange the coffee items in the basket starting with the bigger items at the back.

• Place the main item (ie the Easter egg)in the centre.

• Surround the main item with various smaller coffee items which could include such things as a coffee mug, coffee flavored chocolate or biscuits, coffee syrups, coffee cakes. You could even melt some coffee flavored chocolate over items that are of interest to the person.

• Decorate The outside of the basket in the theme that relates to the person the coffee gift basket is intended for.

• Once you are happy with the display of your coffee gift basket cover it with the cellophane, ribbon and bow.

If you would prefer to get your coffee gift basket made by a pro it will cost more money and may not have the personal touch that you can provide if you make it yourself. There are so many choices of coffee items that you can include in your coffee gift basket and so many varieties of coffee you could make them to suit your own budget. You could also add flowers or plants and even jewelry to make your coffee gift basket ultra special for the loved one in your life.

If you really do not like the idea of making the coffee gift basket yourself or you do not have the time to do so, many major coffee houses such as Starbucks will probably make one for you if you ask.

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