Guatemala Green Coffee Wholesale -Farm Direct

Please send us your requests for wholesales, Prices subject to change. We can supply from a pallet to a full container

We supply Small and Larger Coffee Roasters as well as Home Roasters. 

First of all, what is direct trade and why do I care?

Farmer Direct trade is working directly with the coffee farmer(s) that has worked so hard to provide you with your specialty green coffee, rather than sourcing through a distributor.

Some of the top benefits of this sourcing method include:

  • 100% Single Origine Guarantee 
  • Ensuring you’re ethically sourcing your coffees
  • Fairly treated and compensated farmers
  • Fresh green coffee from the current season
  • You know exactly where your coffee came from
  • Learning to look beyond labels & certifications and learn more about coffee farming
  • No guesswork on the farming practices that got the green beans to your roaster

Essentially, your sourcing ensures the highest quality you can provide to your customers, while ensuring the sustainability of the coffee industry as we know it. Direct sourcing helps ensure we keep the varieties and nuances of coffee alive.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we want to give you a quick lesson in Kafetos Guatemalan Coffee.

Bethel is Kafetos family owned coffee farm, located in the highlands on the border of Guatemala and Honduras (4,000+ ft above sea level). Bethel produces a high-quality, well balanced coffee that Kafetos is proud to say is farmed with the environment and consumer in mind.

Our land is not just a farm. It’s generations of hard work, it’s a home, it’s a way of life, and it’s the way we provide premium green coffees to the world in a sustainable manner.

More about our coffee:

  • Shade grown - Slower development cycle, creating more intense and fulfilling flavors
  • 100% Arabica - Large percentage grown on Bourbon & Typica coffee trees
  • Two-way washed with an environmentally sustainable process
  • Roasted chocolate and caramelized flavor notes
  • Excellent Medium - Dark Roast
  • We do all the importing and ship from our warehouse in the United States

What makes this coffee the highest quality? Bethel Coffee is grown at a high altitude in a shaded environment. This allows the beans to have a slow development cycle which instills an intense and fulfilling flavor to each bean.

The coffee is not only 100% Arabica, but more importantly it is grown on a large percentage of Bourbon, Catura, Marsellesa and Typica coffee trees (which produce higher quality beans than other varieties of coffee trees). Finally, the coffee is prepared using an environmentally friendly three-way washing process, which gives the coffee still one more unique quality enhancing aspect. We also care about our environment therefore we do not use any harsh substances.


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