Stop by our coffee shop at 1466 Rock Springs Rd. Apopka Fl. www.Calypso.Coffee

Calypso Coffee Bar is dedicated to provide you with a new way of tasting coffee. Our coffee comes straight from our family farm and is of the highest-quality. Crafted freshly from our highly trained baristas to meet your coffee desires. Our goal as a company is to create an environment where one is welcomed and treated with care.

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Our coffee is freshly roasted and devotedly packaged and delivered fresh to you! We are a Florida-based Coffee company, and we micro-roast green coffee. It is imported from our family-owned farm and is effectively never leaving our family's hands before it reaches yours. We are proud to provide you with the truest seed-to-cup experience.

Support our farm workers by Tipping at check out!

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May you all stay well and healthy.

God Bless and thank you!


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