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Donations for Coffee Farmers by Tipping at Checkout!

During these hard and uncertain times, our Coffee Farmers are suffering in poverty. A small donation can make a HUGE difference by giving them some relief. It will help us feed workers and their families. I know we are all suffering right now, but even a small donation means a lot to those less fortunate.

These are the coffee farmers that are harvesting our morning coffee and this time, they need your help to make it through the day. COVID-19, Guatemala has shut down all businesses and not allowing people to leave their homes. Due to this, many of the coffee farmers who are already living in poverty, are not working and hardly have enough to eat and get by. Kafetos is doing all that we can to help, but would greatly appreciate your support in aiding them during these unfortunate

Our main mission at Kafetos is to give back to the people that have helped us get through the day with our daily morning coffees. Now more than ever, we want to give our farm workers and their families the reassurance they need and help them make it through this pandemic. We do not want them to go hungry!

Any amount of donation will suffice. We would greatly appreciate your help. You can Donate by Tipping at check out!

Another way you can help, is by sharing our post and spreading the word!

May you all stay well and healthy.

God Bless and thank you!

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