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The Current Coffee Crisis for Farmers

Did you know that in the current coffee industry, a coffee farmer has two big problems to face?

The first problem is that they, unfortunately, lose control of their product when they sell their coffee fruit to companies and through a middleman, from importers to exporters, to roasters. Companies and middlemen are the ones benefiting from all the consumer revenue. The sad part is that the actual farmers do not ever see any of the revenue created by this buying and selling.

And on top of losing control of the real value, farmers are also victim to a wildly fluctuating and sometimes arbitrary commodities market, which dictates the price of their coffee fruit. A farmer might work hard to produce the same amount of coffee with the same quality every single year but because of the commodities market, they might wake up one day and find out their product might be worth significantly less than the year prior.

But what if we told you, you can do something to change all of that? By buying coffee directly from Kafetos we can assure you that you are buying directly from a family owned farm, cutting out the middleman. Our supply chain allows our farmers to be involved with our crops all the way to you, the consumer. Our direct sales also allow farmers to make enough money to continue to feed and spend time with their families. As often times, farmers are paid pennies for their work and have to work overtime to just get by. This is how important it is for a farmer to see revenue and to be cutting out the middleman.

We ask you to do your part as a consumer to get to know the story of the coffee you purchase. Do not just rely on labels that claim to be fair and direct; try to find out where your coffee comes from, to buy from specialty grade roasters that deal directly with farmers, and to spread the word. Just keep in mind that Kafetos exists to help give a better life for farmers and to fight off poverty instilled by big named companies all while providing you the best quality of coffee you can buy.

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