Guatemala Specialty coffee beans

Green Coffee Beans, Single Origin Unroasted Coffee Beans, Specialty Grade Directly From Our Fourth-Generation Family Farm in Guatemala, 100% Raw Arabica Coffee Beans, Fresh & Delicious


Direct trade is working directly with the coffee farm(s) that has worked so hard to provide you with your specialty green coffee, rather than sourcing through a distributor. Green Coffee, Un-roasted Coffee, Guatemala Green Coffee, Specialty Coffee, Whole Sales green Coffee.

Some of the top benefits of this sourcing method include: Ensuring you’re ethically sourcing your coffees Fairly treated and compensated farmers Fresh green coffee from the current season You know exactly where your coffee came from Learning to look beyond labels & certifications and learn more about coffee farming No guesswork on the farming practices that got the green beans to your roaster


Essentially, your sourcing ensures the highest quality you can provide to your customers, while ensuring the sustainability of the coffee industry as we know it. Direct sourcing helps ensure we keep the varieties and nuances of coffee alive. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we want to give you a quick lesson in Kafetos Guatemalan Coffee.

Bethel is Kafetos family owned coffee farm, located in the highlands on the border of Guatemala and Honduras (4,000+ ft above sea level). Bethel produces a high-quality, well balanced coffee that Kafetos is proud to say is farmed with the environment and consumer in mind. Our land is not just a farm. It’s generations of hard work, it’s a home, it’s a way of life, and it’s the way we provide premium green coffees to the world in a sustainable manner.

  • With Guatemala being the world’s 8th largest coffee producer, the largest Central American producer, and a major supplier to the United States, it is no wonder why Guatemala is one of the world’s top coffee origins. Coffee trees were brought to the country by Jesuit priests in 1750.
  • From our most recent harvest, premium Arabica unroasted green beans from the best Caturra micro-lots at our fourth generation Guatemalan family farm. Caturra is a natural mutation of Bourbon and is the benchmark Central American coffee from which all others are measured in the region. Well-known for its rich sweetness and gentle profile, it is a well-balanced, smooth coffee. Its sweetness is complimented by a distinctive citrus acidity and pleasant cacao notes.
  • Specialty green coffee beans with 5 or less defects and no primary defects per 300 grams; moisture content between 11-13%.
  • The Strictly Hard Bean coffee is among the best quality coffee you can get. Coffee grown at high altitudes are known as being the best because it increases the acidity of the bean, and because of the high altitude, the nights are often cooler which slows down the maturity of the coffee plant allowing the beans to develop to a more complex flavor.
  • Cup Characteristics: This Great Arabica Guatemala coffee features classic Guatemalan flavor with chocolate hints. The flavor is full, spicy and complete. A fruity, perfect acidic level, complexity and body that can’t be found in another cup. Definitely a recommended quality