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Strictly Hard Beans SHB- Specialty Grade (FREE SHIPPING)

Strictly Hard Beans SHB- Specialty Grade (FREE SHIPPING)

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SHG Coffee -top green coffee beans
Strictly High Grown (SHG) Coffee – also known as Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) Coffee – is coffee grown altitudes more than 1,200 meters (4,000 feet) above sea level.

When coffee beans are grown at higher elevations, they develop slowly. This means more nutrients are delivered to the beans, allowing for a high nutrient concentration. While the high quality often means a more expensive product, it also results in a healthier and more flavorful coffee.

The inherent consistency and taste attributes of high grown beans makes them more desirable, and generally more expensive, than coffees grown at lower elevations.   

✅  NET WT. 100 Lbs
✅ 100% Shaded Grown
✅ 100% Arabica Strictly Hard Coffee Beans
✅ Perfect for Any Brewing Method 
✅ Rich Flavor & Aroma 
✅ Directly From The Farm 
✅ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

    Bethel farm, our coffee growing region is located in eastern Guatemala along the border with Honduras. An ideal climate and clay and metamorphic volcanic soils result in high quality coffee with a distinct acidity and good body.

    Nuevo Oriente coffee grows at elevations from 4,300 feet to 5,500 feet above sea level where the rainfall averages about 1,900 mm each year and temperatures range from 18 to 25 degrees Celsius (64 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit). The coffee cherry are harvested from December into March.

    • Bethel Farm Owned by Kafetos Family
    • Specialty Grade: 88-90 points
    • Cupping Notes: Chocolate, Citrus, Floral, Caramel
    • Elevation: 1000 to 2100 meters
    • Varietals: Arabica Fully wash
    • Milling Process: Wet
    • Drying Process: Patio
    • Recommended Roasting:  Mediu
    • Drying Process: Patio
      top green coffee beans


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