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✅Guatemala Medium Dark Whole Beans Specialty Grade (5 lbs.).
Medium Dark Whole Beans Specialty Grade (5 lbs.).
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, ✅Guatemala Medium Dark Whole Beans Specialty Grade (5 lbs.).
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Medium Dark Whole Beans Specialty Grade (5 lbs.).

Medium-Dark - Whole Beans- Free Shipping 5 lbs

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Wake up to a smile in every cup! Kafetos 100% Arabica Medium/Dark roasted coffee excites both your nose and your tongue with a creamy, smooth blend of chocolatey, caramel aroma and taste. The rich full bodied flavor comes from grown free from harmful chemicals and pesticides with no additives, artificial flavors or preservatives, use of natural rather than synthetic fertilizer Guatemalan coffee beans is delightfully satisfying.

We micro-roast our beans in small batches to ensure the most well-balanced flavor and highest quality of coffee for you. Grown on our family owned farm in Guatemala, then imported and fire-roasted in our Florida-based factory so your new favorite coffee is delivered fresh directly from our family to yours.
Guatemala single origin coffee, Farmer direct sale Guatemala Specialty Roasted Coffee

Arabica Coffee Plant Grown in the Rich Soil of Guatemala: Give yourself the gift of fine Arabica coffee made from beans grown and harvested in the soil of Guatemala enriching each coffee bean with a hint of the taste of cocoa. It’s a smooth chocolate flavor that will leave you yearning for more.

Sustainably Sourced Coffee Direct from Our Farm to Your Cup: At Kafetos, we pride ourselves on eco-friendly practices to preserve nature while bringing you a full-bodied warm roasted cup of coffee. All our coffees are roasted in our environmentally friendly Loring Roaster to reduce our carbon footprint and each bag is packaged in the US.

Delicious Whole Coffee Beans in Medium-Dark Roasted Goodness: For those who savor a bit more boldness, but not so much that it's overpowering, we offer our famous Medium-Dark blend. It’s the best of both scrumptious tastes and aromas.

Makes a Fine Guatemala Gift: Buying for someone who has everything? Present them with a delectable gift of savory goodness! With each cup, they’ll think of you and appreciate your love and friendship. Wonderful as a housewarming gift, gift for a wedding shower or as a birthday gift. Celebrate life’s fondest moments with Kafetos.

Make Coffee Brewing a Delightful Treat: Whether you’re brewing to sip coffee during your morning commute or plan to relish it in peace curled up on your couch or while watching the sunrise from your terrace, we believe Kafetos is the blend you’ll desire! Buy yours today.

Kafetos 5 lbs Guatemala Coffee Whole Beans in Medium-Dark Roast with Specialty Grade Guatemalan Coffee Beans - Single Origin Coffee and Grown in Shade on Family Owned Farm Guatemala Specialty Roasted Coffee